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The Testimony Service and Social Justice of Beyonce’s Lemonade:


This discussion is a workshop, lecture series, symposium topic, and a grad school course that can be taught for credit at any institution. As a series, the conversation of African Spirit Religions, Indigenous African Religions, Southern Black Spirit Themes, and the Southern Black Church are presented on an intro level.




Womanist, Scholar, Activist, Teacher, Author, Student, Artist, Preacher, Transformational Speaker, Content Creator, Healer


EbonyJanice Moore is a womanist scholar and activist doing community-organizing work, most specifically around black women’s body ownership as a justice issue, and equal access to education and pay for women of color in the U.S. and in several African countries. She has created curriculum for leadership development for high school aged girls in Kenya and South Africa, developed programming for teenagers in housing projects in Decatur, Georgia giving them exposure to culture, STEM programs and the arts, and she teaches a bimonthly workshop on issues involving interrupting racism, individual civic responsibilities, and intersectional advocacy.


Her research interests include issues pertaining to blackness, womanness, and spirituality - most specifically black women's use of spirit, conjure, and/or the supernatural as a tool to impact social justice, and the pluralism of Black Christianity and the interconnectedness of the Southern Black Christian experience with Indigenous African religions and African Spirituality. EbonyJanice has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science, and a Master of Arts in Social Change with a concentration in Spiritual Leadership, Womanist Theology, and Racial Justice. She is also a certified Body Justice Advocate and Holistic Healer. 


The purpose of The Free People Project is to empower people into truth, minister to the broken hearted, and equip people to pursue their passion, purpose, and freedom in lavish and extraordinary ways. With emphasis on Scholarship, Social Justice, Sister EmPOWERment, Spirituality, and Self Care, #TheFreePeopleProject creates programming, curates content, and holds safe space for community building around issues related to and important to marginalized people – specifically people of color – more specifically black people – more specifically black women.




    Hip Hop Womanism

    Ebony Janice is currently using the #HipHopBibleStudy and #PreachEb hashtags to contribute to a growing, scholarly discussion around Womanist Theology, most specifically as a product of Hip Hop culture. The goal is to authenticate other sources as credible, sacred, and worthy of citation. These #PreachEb bible study with _____ recenters groups of people’s experiences that have been marginalized in larger society and even the church. Ultimately, EbonyJanice is suggesting that Nas’ lyrics are just as credible and worthy of citation (knowledge production) as Paul. Especially because Nas’ lyrics are relevant to the current context and environment in which we preach. || Search the #BibleStudyWithBeyonce #BibleStudyWithFuture #BibleStudyWith2Chainz or the #BibleStudyWithChanceTheRapper hashtags to see some of the most followed #PreachEb sermons by @EbonyJanice


    Black Girl Magic Lecture Series

    Fall of 2017, EbonyJanice will be teaching a class on Beyonce and African Spirit Justice as a Teaching Fellow at Starr King School for the Ministry. Due to a high level of student interest in this course from unaffiliated schools, the class is also being offered as (1) a 3 hour lecture (2) a weekend workshop symposium or (3) a week long 9-4pm intensive class that any institution could offer credit hours for. Contact for a one sheet and detailed information on the course offerings and syllabus.


    Intersections of Blackness, Womenness & Spirituality

    Ebony Janice is currently researching and writing on the various topics related to black women’s relationship with religion. She presented in Spring of 2017 at the American Academy of Religion’s Western Region conference in Rosemead, California on the topic of “The Social Justice and Testimony Service of Beyonce’s Lemonade.” Most recently she is preparing research around naming the relationship between southern black Christianity and African spirit religions and indigenous religions.


    Interrupting Racism


    A monthly virtual workshop on issues related to dismantling cis-hetero white supremacy co-facilitated with @NikkiBlak.



    Black Women's Body Ownership as a Justice Issue


    Wrong Bodies: A Mini Documentary on Black Womens Body Ownership as a Justice Issue coming Fall 2017, featuring discussion on all the ways that black women, historically, have not owned their bodies and dealt with discrimination in every institution (the church, academia, and the work place) because of their bodies.



    #ThatPart, an Anti-Racism || Diversity Video Series

     #ThatPart is a 6 part Anti-Racism and Diversity  Training Video that can be used in the church,  academia, or the workplace to facilitate conversations  on issues pertaining to racism and discrimination;  including the topics micro aggressions, “playing the  race card,” and how to actually be an “ally” to  marginalized persons.


    Beyonce Knows

    This project is a tshirt, designed by EbonyJanice, that is being sold in the shop at A percentage of each tshirt sold goes towards the tuition of high school aged girls at PACE High School in Nyahururu, Kenya.




     Black Girl Mixtape (details coming soon)


    The End of Thirstiness: Lessons on Rejecting Desperation, Being Whole, Free, Single & Satisfied

    Purchase this book at to learn more about the strategic ways EbonyJanice used her singleness to heal from unhealthy stories about relationships and to get free from the negative impact of “thirstiness” in past relationships. *Invite EbonyJanice to your city to workshop this book and talk more about what being whole, free, single, & satisfied looks like.


    WWEB (details coming soon)



    Monday – Friday at 9am EST, EbonyJanice posts a daily sermon called “Preach Eb” on her IG, Twitter, Public Facebook Page and her Tumblr. This mini-sermon features a hip hop lyric which EbonyJanice translates into a scripture. The goal is to introduce practical and applicable scripture, daily, to a group of people that aren’t normally centered in sermons.


    The Christian Demonic FilterTM

    EbonyJanice coined the term Christian Demonic Filter several years ago when she realized that her own “CDF” had been keeping her from developing relationship with people of different faiths, participating in activities and discussions that weren’t explicitly detailed in her sacred text (the Bible), while using conversation about the “CDF” as a way to address the problematic ways the “CDF” dehumanizes people and to promote intersectional faith work.


    Keep Yo Motha Freakin Chakras Open

    This workshop, first presented at the University of Chicago for the Women on the Move: Women in Academia annual conference, features an in depth introduction to chakras and the ways that we care for ourselves and others around us when we acknowledge the inherent magic our bodies possess. This workshop features focus on meditation, yoga, and chakra balancing.




    Five Miles to Jesus: The Radical Worship That Saved My Life

    This book is 10 chapters of strategic action that EbonyJanice took when walking and working through a deep depression in 2011. This is about self care because choosing to pursue mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness by any means necessary is a radical worship and a life line to holistic wellness.


    Body Justice Healing Sessions

    This is a series of one on one body healing therapy sessions created to address the internalized trauma black bodies carry as a result of anti-blackness, racism, discrimination, and the daily stress and pressures that are, often, unique to black men and women. Sessions include various forms of body movement, breath work, and support creating rituals for sustainable self healing practices.


    21 Days to Balance: A 21 Day Digital Coaching program

    This is a digital coaching program that will teach and challenge you to be consistent with spirit, soul, and body work daily. For 21 days, participants receive audio coaching, guided meditations, journal and writing prompts, and 21 days of daily teaching via email daily. This is a great way to have intro coaching with EbonyJanice.


    Freedom Consultant, Dream Manifestation & Wellness Coach

    Schedule a consultation to have one on one consultation, coaching, and strategic support creating the holistic life you were born to have. 

  • Keep Yo Mutha Freakin’ Chakras Open

    This workshop is an introduction to chakras and chakra balancing as a vital tool for self care and manifesting. It asks the questions, “When did you first know you were magic?” and “When did you stop allowing yourself to be magic?” The idea of connecting to the mystical, spiritual power that lives inside is purposed to show the participant how intentional soul work and energy clearing and shifting can change their lives forever. Yoga, meditation emphasized in this workshop.

  • The Black Girl Curriculum: 10 Things Every Black Girl Should Know

    A workshop (also presented as a series option) for teen girls of African descent (includes the 10 Things Every Black Girl Should Know workbook)

  • #BeautyForAshes – “I Can Live Again”

    A workshop geared towards surviving depression, suicidal thoughts, and loss. I Can Live Again will move the participant from broken mentality to empowered mentality; leaving with the knowing that it didn’t kill them because it never had the power to kill them.


  • The Free Girl Initiative


    A workshop that teaches instructors how to implement their own mentoring program for girls of African descent. (includes the 10 Things Every Black Girl Should know workbook)

  • The La Di Da Di Principle

    An empowering discussion on how “We Can Change the World.” This interactive workshop opens up discussion amongst people about how we have a responsibility to change the world and are currently sitting present with all the tools we need to make that change.


  • Free People Wellness

    Personalized meditation instruction (the importance of the preparation for, and the abundance that comes from meditation) as well as one on one group yoga classes (breaking down the negative stigmas of yoga from a spiritual perspective and teaching individualized pose series that benefit specific parts of the body).


  • Black Women’s Body Ownership As A Justice Issue

    This workshop addresses many of the ways that black women experience macro and micro-aggressions in the workplace, academia, and in every day life. How the lower timbre of black women’s voices, for example, can be mistaken as aggression and used against them in situations where they become labeled the aggressor and a nonblack person/white person is labeled the victim. This, and many other examples, are hashed out in this workshop as a tool to deconstruct negative stigmas around black women’s bodies as not their own and as wrong bodies.

  • The Testimony Service and Social Justice of Beyonce’s Lemonade

    This discussion is a workshop, lecture series, symposium topic, and a grad school course that can be taught for credit at any institution. As a series, the conversation of African Spirit Religions, Indigenous African Religions, Southern Black Spirit Themes, and the Southern Black Church are presented on an intro level. The impact of spirit on social justice movements is talked through, and the idea of #BlackGirlMagic is used as a tool to imagine the historical, present, and future ways that black women utilize the supernatural to create community and various other self love, self care rituals for sustainability in communities of oppression.



    This list is not meant to be an exclusive list of topics that EbonyJanice is able to present on. It is just a guide of some of the presentations she has made in the past. We can design a workshop or speaking topic specifically for your groups needs.



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