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Hi. I'm EbonyJanice. I am a Freedom Consultant, Life Strategist, Wellness Coach, Body Justice Advocate & Healer. If you are ready to take your dreams from ideas to manifested realities - you are in the right place. A Little Self Help Company is exactly what it sounds like. I want to support you in realizing that you already have every single thing you need inside of you. You might just need A Little Self Help. I am affectionately known as, "The Strategy Girl." Part of the work that you will have access to by working with me through A Little Self Help Company is the very intentional strategizing that will empower you to take your dreams to reality.


You are here because you are ready to position yourself as an expert in your field and you need the strategies to establish yourself as the authority.

You are here because you need tools, a platform, & encouragement.

EbonyJanice’s encouraging words have literally picked me up off a bathroom floor of sorrow. Her relentlessness to see you accomplish your goals has not only pushed me closer to my destiny but motivated me to higher heights. In a world of gray clouds she is a beckon of light.
— Chas Jackson
EbonyJanice is like a mother, sister, friend, mentor, spirit guide, business and life coach all in one. I have used her on several occasions and I love her coaching style of being real, raw and honest with me. She allows me to dig deep and be honest with myself about what I want and what I don’t want. From there she gives clear and specific yet guided steps that have allowed me to gain clarity on my focus areas. Before working with EbonyJanice, I felt confused and had a low business self-confidence but now I feel empowered to move forward and put in the work necessary.
— Timeisha Winfield

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Ebony’s wisdom literally gave me my freedom papers. I was sitting at a fork in the road of indecision trying to make other people comfortable while simultaneously dying a slow death. She told me “Do what leads you to the peace the fastest.” I left Georgia to move back to Texas. My dad died a year later. Then a year after that Hurricane Harvey came. I wouldn’t have had a chance to be around my dad. I wouldn’t have been able to carry my mom through the death or the hurricane. By freeing me to live in my truth. I was able to provide support to my family.
— Be Jai Miller

"The Strat Pack" is for you if you are looking for some one on one coaching on a specific project, program, curriculum, book or publishing project,
or if you are interested in doing some monthly coaching with me
but want to get an introduction to what that might look like.

I am truly grateful for Ebony Janice’s coaching and expertise. I recommend her coaching sessions to anyone who knows their purpose but needs help defining and refining their purpose into a business. As a result of my sessions, I have been able to change my mindset, discover my true purpose, move past the fear of being judged, and setup and launch my business. I’ve gained the courage to take responsibility for my life. Her coaching has taught me, that the gifts that I was entrusted with are valuable and has shown me how to gain clarity on how to use those gifts. I recommend her coaching for anyone who knows they are called to own something for themselves, but have no idea where to begin. It has been wonderful going through this journey with her.
— Founder of Praise Fit Wear

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