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Welcome to Black Femme Elevate 2019

Black Femme Elevate is a MasterMind Group created to center the communal, professional, and socio/spiritual growth of black femmes doing the work of education, world changing activism,
and holistic soul surviving in an able bodied, cis heterosexual, patriarchal,
white supremacist, capitalist, and and and and society.

You are here because Ev’Yan Whitney & EbonyJanice have Vouched for you
and want to grow in community with you on a deeper, more intimate level.

(Photo Source:

(Photo Source:

the vision

The Vision of Black Femme Elevate is to be a mastermind support group for black femmes by black femmes; to be accountable to and for one another’s holistic wellness and to encourage and promote ongoing learning and growth within the community and the individual’s respective field of expertise.

We acknowledge that each member of this community is a movement by themselves, but we strongly and fiercely acknowledge that we are a force together.

We each vow to contribute in a manner, full of integrity and in alignment with the high vibrational energy of each participant in this community. (Read: Everyone contributes. Everyone wins.)

We understand that cishetwhite supremacy believes that our individual success is bound up in its affirmation and approval. Black Femme Elevate is our intentional investment in our own and each other’s work and wellness as a self-affirming statement that as long as we have each other - nothing and no one can close the door on our rise.

(Photo: Group Cofounder, Ev’Yan Whitney)

(Photo: Group Cofounder, Ev’Yan Whitney)

Group intentions

  • Community, Affirmation (I can not do this alone)

  • Social Network

  • Building community and a larger reach

  • Group Network(ing)

  • Designated support team/system

  • “A movement by myself, a force when we’re together.”

  • Combating “Imposter Syndrome” & Self Doubt

  • Accountability

  • Increasing Income (together)

(Photo: Group Co-Founder, EbonyJanice)

(Photo: Group Co-Founder, EbonyJanice)

What we can all expect

  • Contribution to learning/sharing in Slack|Zoom|Google Drive(document)

  • Intentional connection/relationship building (with all group members)

  • Participate in monthly call and online community on an ongoing basis

  • Monthly share each group members work in your space/community at least one time as a shared commitment to amplify each other’s work/voice

(Photo: Beyonce’s “Love Drought” video x Lemonade)

(Photo: Beyonce’s “Love Drought” video x Lemonade)


ideal members

  • Have been actively engaged in their respective work for + years (meaning they are not at the beginning of this work & already have established themselves/or are establishing themselves in this work prior to group invitation)

  • Is currently contributing to the conversation and work of healing & enlarging black femmes, other black people, and POC in their communities/across the diaspora

  • Willing to contribute to & participate in one call/discussion a month, offering feedback and insights at an equal and fair energetic exchange.

  • Willing to offer wisdom/knowledge/information to all group members that can support them in growing in their work, their business, and their overall wellness.

  • Willing to share both their online and social network for the elevation of all members in this group.

  • Has 6 figure + goals in 2019 & could need support in the area of business growth, system learning, (read: Level up)

  • Capable of being both Celie and Nettie in this space. (Whatever Nettie knows she teaches to a willing Celie. Whatever Celie knows she shares it with a gracious Nettie) #TheColorPurple #Sisterhood

Will You Join Us?

This is NOT an application. Again I reapeat! This is NOT an application. This form is an opportunity for us to gather some basic information about you to share with the group when we do introductions in the coming weeks. Please feel free to leave any space blank that does not apply to you. Additionally, if you have any questions, you can contact EbonyJanice at or Ev’Yan Whitney at || Once you’ve filled out this information - you will receive an email with next steps.

Name *

Thank you for seriously considering this invitation. EbonyJanice & Ev’Yan are so excited to be creating this shared growth space with US in mind. Our collective vision is to LEVEL UP and ELEVATE with Black Femmes all 2019 (and onward). We will send you an invitation to a Slack (free online/app based) community & your introduction email will include details on how to use the Slack Community (a brief tutorial if this is your first time using Slack) & instructions on how to access the shared Google Drive + a Calendar Invitation to pinpoint a collective time we can all meet to Zoom (a video conference app) in the coming weeks.

Thank You for being you!

-Ev’Yan Whitney & EbonyJanice

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