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Be A Better YOU. Be A Better BOSS.


Better YOU. Better BOSS.


Here is how "bootcamp for black girl bosses" works

*You will start by scheduling your "7 Days A Little Self Help Coaching: 1 week of daily 60 minute coaching every single day for 7 days in a row (once a month for three months) -- Your sessions will be intensive coaching on everything from branding, marketing, cleaning up your social media, staying on message, writing & publishing books, producing more content, organization, feng shui, mantras for money manifestation, writing the vision, goal setting, daily strategies, morning rituals, product and program launching AND MUCH MORE!

*Weekly (45 minute) check in sessions (for the remainder of the month after your intro week of 7 Days A Little Self Help Coaching each month)

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a book outline (even if you were not thinking of writing a book just yet).

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a fully designed website.

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a total rebrand of your social media.

*You WILL leave this bootcamp with a marketing toolkit for launching all of your future projects. 

*This bootcamp will also teach you how to create weekly campaigns in four major quadrants (Health/Fitness, Dream Project, Finances, Relationships)

*Learn how to maximize and master the 4 Major Power Tools




-Morning Pages

*3 month access to the iLLionaire Morning Monthly Membership: Receive daily emails with insights, wisdom, quotes, videos, podcasts, strategic ways to start your day and maximize your morning and win your day!

*You will be required to send date stamped proof of daily physical activity - because changing your physiology is how you change habits, shift energy, and create lasting change. When you experience change in your body you experience change in your LIFE! 

*This is a 3 month commitment at $10,000 for the 3 month bootcamp.

This Bootcamp comes with two payment options:
1. Use the Subscribe option and break your payments up into 3 monthly payments of $3350. 
2. Use the Pay Now Option and pay the full amount $10,000 today.
* Email me at to schedule time to talk about your payment options if you have more questions. This is a great time for us to hop on a 15 minute Clarity Call so that you can learn more about all the ways this bootcamp is going to RADICALLY change your life forever.

*This package is a 3 Month Commitment

*If you decide to continue on with any level of coaching with me, I will give you the first month 50% off whatever level of coaching you choose and I will offer you the GOLD Monthly Coaching Package (normally $597 a month) for $497 a month for your next 3 months of ongoing coaching.


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