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A Word on Astrology and The Christian Demonic Filter

I grew up very very Christian.

I grew up so Christian that I am the creator of the term "Christian Demonic Filter™️." <- Because that is a thing.

I grew up in the kind of Christian experience that I simultaneously appreciate (try to Bible Study battle me if you think you can out scripture me - debate your Pastor, your grandmother, and your Sunday School superintendent... not mines) and also side-eye every now and then ... (cause Ninja Turtles were NOT actually demons coming up out the sewers).

One thing that I grew up secretly believing in, despite my Christian Demonic Filter™️, was my personal astrological identity. I didn't broadcast it. I didn't talk about it publicly. But my nigga, I BEEN a Capricorn. Have you met me and my Cousin Rocky McKinney? We are Capricorns to the point that we will make you tired. Literally we will annoy you with our organization, our borderline obsession with perfection, our working ourselves too hard (and you too), and our super Red (in charge) personalities. We not tryna judge you - we just don't understand why you're not working harder (that's no shade... its real life). LOL!

Photo is artwork by Jean Louise Pierre

Photo is artwork by Jean Louise Pierre

Just entirely too much alike.

You couldn't tell me that wasn't a thing.

Cause Cuzz... right now you reading this and thinking about me and Rocky... and you realizing... (insert Webay "realize" meme) It's a thing!

Now that I'm older and have shed a good deal of my Christian Demonic Filter™️ - I know even more about my fellow Caps and son... (smh) (heavy sigh).

Because I consider the Bible my sacred text, I'd also like to deal with the fact that denying the intentional workings of the cosmos actually seems kind of "anti-God" to me. Like really... y'all niggas honestly believe that God just tossed the stars, the moon, the sun, the planets, all those misc other galaxies and what not into the sky - knows them junks by name - and they don't have NOTHING to do with NOTHING?

Y'all gonna forget that the story of the saviors birth involved some cats following a prophecy that encouraged them to look up in the sky for a star? Or that Jesus' birthday (clearly not December 25th b/c no) is celebrated on that particular day because... "Winter. Solstice." [an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year].

All of that to say - the more I shed my CDF™️, the more I am able to consider God as much bigger and much more thoughtful (intelligent) than me (in my flesh). My "higher self" isn't learning anything new... just remembering (unlearning). The greatest lesson I have gotten from my unlearning is that God is so big. And making the assumption that I have exclusive knowing of the Most High is arrogant and (I would say) sinful. It's raining diamonds on Uranus. ITS RAINING DIAMONDS ON URANUS.


God is so big. We don't even have a clue. It would serve us to ask for the mysteries to be revealed and to stop demonizing EVERYTHING we don't understand... b/c it's raining diamonds on Uranus. I don't even know how to close this other than saying... God is so big. Cause God is so big.

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