Who Authorized the Authorizer?

Have I mentioned that my Life/Dream Coach is a Kung Fu master - a black man from Brooklyn?
That doesn't all the way have anything to do with this post but I feel like I can't ever talk about him without acknowledging that because I feel like it's a little glimpse into who this maniacal person really is on a deeper level.

Recently I was having a conversation with my coach about how excited I was to be on the same panel and platform as Ericka Alexander (Max from Living Single) and Michaela Angela Davis. Additionally, on the same platform as Cicely Tyson and Jenifer Lewis. I told my coach that while celebrating this incredible opportunity, a friend said to me, "EbonyJanice - you deserve this. You've worked so hard. This is just the fruits of your labor." 

  Pictured: EbonyJanice, Ericka Alexander, Michaela Angela Davis

Pictured: EbonyJanice, Ericka Alexander, Michaela Angela Davis

Right then my coach interrupted me and said, "This isn't about how hard you've worked. This just belonged to you. This was preordained. It is part of your destiny." He went on to say, "Before the creation of the world, your spirit was in the eternal with the Creator(s) and you said, "I'm going to earth at this time, to do this work, in this body." And the Creator(s) said, "Ok. Just don't forget." And you said, "I won't forget." And the Creator(s) said, "Just don't forget." And you said, "I won't forget." But then you got to earth and you forgot. The reason these incredible opportunities are coming to you in such a swift abundance now is that you're finally remembering."

By this time a young thug is sobbing. "You are telling the truth. I KNOW I said that. I KNOW I said send me in this body, at this time, to do this work. I know the Most High called me to this."

What I got for myself in that conversation is no one is coming to make me more credible than I already am. Period. Before the beginning of time when the Most High spoke me into existence, They said, "Go." But I forgot. So now this portion of my life is about realizing that I am called, at this time, in this body, to do this work - because God said. The End.

So who authorizes the authorizer? I am an authority. God said it. I believe it. There is no one more qualified to call me than God - so that's settled.


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