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UnFamous & The #CouchTour | Sitting on your couch (or pew, or dais, or pulpit soon...)

The first "famous" person I can remember meeting was Sam Cassell. He use to play for the Houston Rockets and now is an assistant coach for the LA Clippers. I was a preteen in Baltimore, Maryland at the Harbor eating with my family and he was two tables away, eating with his family. To be honest - I didn't know who he was, for real. My uncle and my dad were fanboying in hushed tones and I decided I was going to go over and introduce myself to him. I got up - without my parents permission (fass) and walked over and said,

"Mr. Cassell, my name is Ebony. It's so nice to meet you. Can I have your autograph?"

He and his wife smiled and he gave me his autograph on a napkit from the table and I walked away smiling.

But something in me knew that was weird. This man was sitting at the table just mind his business and up walks a stranger, interrupting his meal, for an autograph on a napkin that I couldn't tell you where it is or what happened to it after that day.

This was my first time considering celebrities as human beings. 0_0


I had a semi-viral youtube video in 2012. It was called, "Stuff Super Saved People Say."

I was at the tire shop a few months later and this man starts staring at me and says, "Are you EbonyJanice?"

I know for a fact that I do NOT know him, so I hesitate, "Y...yes?"

He jumps up and comes over to me, "Oh my God it is you!"

Now everyone in the tire shop is looking at us as this grown man goes apesh*t over a woman who filmed an entire youtube video on her macbook. It was weird. I didn't like it.

A few months later, I was in El Paso, Texas at my aunts church waiting for her to finish praying so that she could give me the keys to get into her house. This group of (early 20's) young people come over and they push their elected leader forward to ask me, "Are you EbonyJanice?"

My eyes get wide and I say, "No. No. Nope. Don't do this." I'm giggling b/c I just KNOW this ain't about to be what I think it's about to be.

And yes, it turns out to be exactly what I know it don't need to be. These people recognized me from this ridiculous video and were fangirling all up and down and through.

"I can't believe it's you."

"You're so nice."

"I can't believe you're really taking pictures with us."

0_0 "Stop this. I'm just a girl that made a video on my macbook. This too murch!"


By no means am I suggesting that I am famous. NOT. Nope. Uh un. Noap! Quite the opposite. I just be "chillin."

However, I have noticed that the age of iconizing people that we love or admire makes us other ourselves from them. We make ourselves believe that they are inaccessible and have a real life GENUINE surprise when they, like regular humans tend to do, are actually (more often than not) kind and available for engaging on a regular human to human level.

This email is to let you know that you can invite me over any time. I'd love to bring my #CouchTour series to your city.
It's really not that hard to have me over for tea/coffee and a chat about the many things that there are for homies to chat about.

The #CouchTour is called, The Couch Tour - because it does not have to be formal, at all. As long as you have 25-30 people willing to come hang out with us, you're able to secure the location (could be an intimate room for a 25-30 person group, a sanctuary, or a lecture hall that can hold hundreds), we can absolutely work together to secure community support and funding to assist in the additional financial cost to bring me to your city (and maybe even to your couch).

I use this connection about "fame" and the way we "other" people that we love because I have had so many experiences with many people from my social media family that proved to me you thought I was something more than a girl with a macbook just trying to get free (and stay free) by sharing my stories, my wisdom, and my God -- one post at a time. The reality is... I want nothing more than to really KNOW you and your story.

So invite me over, today. Send me an email invite to and we'll send over some specifics about what it might look like for us to be hanging out on your couch together soon.


*Looking for a list of topics that we might be able to chat about on your couch? HERE is a great place to start. Just note - I also offer custom workshops and lectures upon request.

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