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Authority Clarity Call

I help people do the work of decolonizing their minds in order to step into their authority and establish themselves as an expert in their profession. You need an Authority Clarity Call if you are ready to discuss:
- Ways Imposter Syndrome has been keeping you from launching.
- Specific Strategies to establish yourself as an expert/authority.
- Creating massive amounts of high value content for social media that adds to the social proof of the “work” you have been doing
- Specific tools you will need to publish written, audio, or video content for your website, your social media, or for institutions requesting documentation of your work
- Getting crystal clear on your messaging and moving forward from here.

- Video Conference with me for (60) minutes & get a download of the video and/or audio of our call together to listen to whenever you need to be reminded of all the strategies and energy shifting that we’re going to do together in this Authority Clarity Call.

*Note: You do not have to be LAUNCHING something to hop on an Authority Clarity Call. These calls are also a great way to get some intro coaching from me on any area of your life & to see if we are a good fit for future work together.

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Step 1:
Pay for your (60 Minute) Authority Clarity Call HERE.
Step 2:
Use THIS calendar to schedule your session.
Step 3:
I will contact you at the date/time of our call. If I have any questions before our time together, I will email you with specifics.

Questions? Use this contact form with the subject “Authority Clarity Call.”

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