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Who Is EbonyJanice?

Womanist, Scholar, Activist, Teacher, Author, Student, Artist, Preacher, Transformational Speaker, Content Creator, Healer

EbonyJanice Moore is a womanist scholar and activist doing community-organizing work, most specifically around black women’s body ownership as a justice issue, and equal access to education and pay for women of color in the U.S. and in several African countries. She has created curriculum for leadership development for high school aged girls in Kenya and South Africa, developed programming for teenagers in housing projects in Decatur, Georgia giving them exposure to culture, STEM programs and the arts, and she teaches a bimonthly workshop on issues involving interrupting racism, individual civic responsibilities, and intersectional advocacy.

Her research interests include issues pertaining to blackness, woman-ness, and spirituality - most specifically black women's use of spirit, conjure, and/or the supernatural as a tool to impact social justice, and the pluralism of Black Christianity and the interconnectedness of the Southern Black Christian experience with Indigenous African religions and African Spirituality. EbonyJanice has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science, and a Master of Arts in Social Change with a concentration in Spiritual Leadership, Womanist Theology, and Racial Justice. She is also a certified Body Justice Advocate and Holistic Healer. 

What is The Free People Project?

The purpose of The Free People Project is to empower people into truth, minister to the broken hearted, and equip people to pursue their passion, purpose, and freedom in lavish and extraordinary ways. With emphasis on Scholarship, Social Justice, Sister EmPOWERment, Spirituality, and Self Care, #TheFreePeopleProject creates programming, curates content, and holds safe space for community building around issues related to and important to marginalized people – specifically people of color – more specifically black people – more specifically black women.


A Little Self Help Company

A Little Self Help Company is coaching and consulting firm that creates programs, curriculum, and products, and platforms to enhance the capacity of individuals seeking to manifest their best and highest lives - while establishing themselves as the authority in their area of expertise.


Hip Hop Womanist

Hip Hop Womanist is an educational ministry tool considering the ethical responsibility of religious and spiritual leaders to include hip hop in any conversation about salvation and eternity. The idea is that hip hop is as worthy, welcome, and wise as any other sacred text and authority.


Black Girl Mixtape

Black Girl Mixtape is a multi-city lecture platform amplifying and celebrating the voices of black women as the authority on all issues pertaining to blackness and womanhood.

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